Birmingham IVC

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Birmingham IVC is a friendly non-commercial, not-for-profit club run by its members for its members. It aims to provide social, sporting, cultural and recreational activities for pro-active people. We put on some 60 or more events every month - click on the Activities link on the left to see our upcoming events.

Based in Birmingham, the club has a membership covering the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and South Staffordshire areas. It has no political, religious or racial affiliations. We have over 300 members and have been going for over 50 years.

Birmingham IVC is one of 41 similar clubs across the country with a combined membership of over 4,000.

Prospective Membership lasts for three whole months and gives you a chance to see what the club has to offer. When you take out Prospective Membership you get a copy of our latest Activities Bulletin and receive monthly copies as they come out.

To find out more about Birmingham IVC please click the More Information link on the left to email our New Members person or visit our Web Site. If you've decided to join you can click the Join link on the left.

Full Name Birmingham Inter-Varsity Club Ltd.
Phone Number 0770 847 8226
Web Address
Postal Address 27 Beverley Croft
B23 7NT
Annual Cost 20.00
Trial Cost 10.00 for 3 Months
Club Group IVC         See all IVC Clubs
Club Number 66
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Birmingham IVC
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