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What is Activity Exchange
Activity Exchange Overview
How Activity Exchange can Help your Club
How to Use Activity Exchange
Free to Use for Ever
Conditions of Use
Why AX is better than an Email Group
Activity Exchange Newsletters
Social Bookmarking
Test Clubs

Logging on and Access
Access Levels
Group AccessCodes
Individual Logons
AccessCode? Logon? What's it all mean?
Forgotten your Password?
Extended Permissions
How To Enable Cookies

Activity Backup Emails
Person Backup Emails
Album Backups
Immediate Backups

Bulletin/Newsletter Production
How to Make a Diary Listing
How to Make an Activities Grid
Diary Production
Bulletin Labels

Web Site Integration/Support
"Web Hosting" Feature
"Secure Hosting" Feature
Links for Your Web Pages
RSS Feed
iCS Calendars
XML Interchange Format
Activity Synchronisation
Friendly Web Addresses
How To: Add an Activity
Public Descriptions on Activities
Share Activities with other Clubs
Activity Submit (for Approval)
Activity Map Reference
Bulk Import
"My Clubs" Feature
"Guest Club" Feature
Meal Menu Choices

Personal and Official Email Addresses
Email Groups
Advanced Email Handling
Email Forwarding
Hosting your Email Domain Name

People List
Person Profile
Membership System
Extra Person Fields
Person Values
Renew Online
Person Option Codes

Club Location
From Email Address

Using PayPal
Introduction to PayPal
Opening a PayPal Account
Set up PayPal in Activity Exchange
Using PayPal and Activity Exchange
PayPal Reports

Social Networking Export
Facebook Export
Meetup Export

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To add your organisation to the Activity Exchange simply click on this link Add Club and you will be given full instructions.

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