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Quickstart... (from the Home Page)

If you have a Club AccessCode or you know the Number of a Club you are interested in then simply put the AccessCode or Number into the AccessCodes Box and click on the buttom marked Activities from My Clubs. This will bring up a list of the Activities for that Club.

If you do not have a AccessCode or Club Number then simply click on the Activities from All Clubs button and you will get a list of Activities from all clubs.

More... (about the Home Page)

  1. Look in and around is the Town or Area or Region that you want to search in. You can select "All Areas". Once you have selected which one you are interested in this will come up every time you use the Activity Exchange

  2. From is the Date that you want Activity Exchange to look from. There is no need to specify the year as nothing is held for more than a year away.

  3. For is how many days you want to look for. Max 400 days.

  4. The AccessCodes field is for you to put in any Club AccessCodes or Club Numbers that you want to use. If 0 you have more than one club AccessCode or number then you can put them all in, separated by spaces. Activity Exchange will remember what you put in so you won't have to keep entering them again.

  5. If you click on the "Activities from My Clubs" button then the Activity Exchange will go and search only your clubs for you. You need to have put in some Club AccessCodes or Club Numbers to show which Clubs you are interested in.

  6. Alternatively if you click on the "Activities from All Clubs" button then the Activity Exchange will go and search all Clubs for you.

  7. If you check the Remember Me on this Computer box then Activity Exchange will remember your AccessCodes the next time you visit from this Computer.

  Look For a Period (on the Home Page)

If you click on this Link then the screen changes.

Instead of a Start Date and a Number of Days you get a Selection of Periods. These can be This Week or Next Month or any one of a number of others.

This page contains a Link called Look From a Date which changes the page so you can enter a Start Date and a Number of Days.

  More Options (on the Home Page)

Clicking on this Link adds two extra Options.

The first of these is another kind of For. This allows you to say what kind or type of Activity you want to look for. You can look for...
  • One-Off Activities - that will only happen once
  • Regular Activities - that happen every Week or every Month
  • Weekend or Holiday Activities - that involve one or more nights away
  • All Activities - everything
The second is a Layout selection box that allows you to choose between three different ways of showing you the Activities...
  • Index or List
  • Grid - which shows a week by week Grid with the Activities in
  • Diary - which shows you the details of the events as you might see them in a Club Newsletter or Bulletin
This page contains a Link called Less Options which removes these two extras.

  Club Index

If you use one of the many Club Index Links then you will get a list of clubs. Those that that have current Activities will have an Activities link that you can use to get just that clubs's Activities

The list of Clubs you get is restricted to any Area that you selected in the Look in and around box.

If you follow the Clubs at a Glance Link from the Club Index Page then you can see the Clubs listed in other ways


To add your organisation to the Activity Exchange simply click on this link Add Club and you will be given full instructions.

To add an activity simply click on this link Add Activity and follow the instructions. You do need to be a member of a club and to have that clubs permission to add events. To be exact you need their current Organisers AccessCode.


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