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Personal Safety

  The world is generally a very safe place. However we must all take care of our personal safety. Please read the following advice carefully.
  • No checks are made by the organisers of this Web Site before Activities are posted. That is no checks on the Club or Organisation or on the Activity Organisers or the Activities themselves.

  • If you do not know the Activity Organiser then it would be best if you first met at an Activity in a public place, such as a pub. If you don't feel comfortable when you arrive, or later, then do not hesitate to leave. Make sure that someone knows where you are going and will know when you get back. Going with someone else will make you safer but is not a complete safeguard.
  • If the Activity involves any level of physical risk (such as Climbing or Canoeing say) then satisfy yourself that it is being done in a safe manner, that you are adequately insured and getting satisfactory instruction if needed.

  • Be careful if you are asked for any money. For some events this will obviously be needed. This Web Site cannot be held responsible for any loss.
Don't let any of this put you off, the world is full of many lovely people. Just be as careful as you need to be.

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