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What Is Activity Exchange?

  Activity Exchange is an advertising and publishing service for Clubs and Organisations that put on Social Activity Events and for the people who would like to go to these events.

Our definition of a Social Activity event is an one where anyone who goes along can expect to meet people they know or else to be welcomed and looked after.

The service is FREE. It is paid for by voluntary donations.

The events can be accessed free of charge by anyone. Members of the Club or Organisation can see the full details, others can see that there is an event which may persuade them to join the club.

Most Activities will be "Private" which means that anyone can see that it exists and can see the date and time that it is on but only club members can see the details. Some Activities may be "Public" which means that anyone can see details of them, whether or not they are a member. Some Activities may be "Hidden" which means that no-one can see details of them unless they are a club member.

Some clubs may allow all the members to put their own events up directly through this web site. Others may do this through a central point.

Each time that an Activity is Added or Changed an Email is sent to the Club and to the Organiser (if Email Address is different) telling them. This way you can easily keep in touch with what is going on. You can arrange for emails to be sent to Club members or to an Email Group so that people can find out in minutes if a new Activity is added. This gives you tremendous flexibility over a paper-based system.

You can have your own Picture Albums which allow you to easily set up Albums of Pictures which can be taken by a Digital Camera or scanned in from paper prints.

You can list People to do with your Club or Organisation and you can control which elements of their details are visible without a Club AccessCode. You can use this to list the people who run your Club or Organisation and allow the public or Members to easily get in touch with you.

For more information please see this article How Activity Exchange can Help your Club.


To add your organisation to the Activity Exchange simply click on this link Add Club and you will be given full instructions.

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